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We are an IT company founded in April 2000.

We are engaged in providing IT services for companies, organizations and offices COMPANIES in the area of ​​Lower Silesia in Poland. We provide hardware and controlling software also. For those in need of constant care information system, we offer service agreements on favorable financial terms.

We have IT solutions based on proven hardware and software tools. Frequent use of Open Source solutions, as full replacements for commercial products.

We have a solution for the trade, including the device registers, electronic scales, barcode scanners and software for sale. We perform installations in retail outlets combine all these elements in an efficient operating system sales and warehouse. Through the use of the most renowned Polish equipment manufacturers, offered by our solutions are reliable. In this way you will not lose money and time due to equipment failure.

Install video surveillance systems. Currently, analog systems have been completely replaced by digital devices. These are specialized computers. They have mostly software based on Linux. With the knowledge of computer technology and network systems, we are better prepared to properly perform the installation, configuration and connection of devices such systems to the Internet. Good designed and manufactured to install, will receive a preview of the internet not only on any of the computer, but even on your own smartphone.

We provide a service. We invite you to use the full range of our services. We offer repair and maintenance of computer equipment, printing equipment, installation of computer networks and video surveillance. We warranty service brand Posnet fiscal devices and Elzab. We save customers even in the event of data loss. You can trust us in any case.


We invite you to use our services.